Vastu For North Facing House an Introduction

You are reading this blog that means either you have plans for a new north facing house Vastu, or want to renovate your house’s interior settings , colour , overall Vastu. Well, in both cases, you need to learn the essential tips for a north facing Vastu.  Have you ever thought of hiring a Vastu expert to fix harmony inside your property? If not, then go ahead; this is the right time to secure your house with positive vibes.We have experienced Vastu consultants to help you with your home’s best structural setting. In this blog, we will analyze the in-depth Vasstu rules of North facing house Vastu and vastu for apartments facing north for your help.

North Facing House Vastu | North Facing Vastu | Vastu For North Facing House

Many people think that the east or north facing house is always auspicious according to Indian Vastu Shastra. As per Vastu Shastra, the north side is considered to be the abode of lord Kubera, so North facing homes conforms wealth and prosperity. As a result, many people choose to live in north-facing houses or flats.

A north-facing house vastu does not mean that it will produce very good results . According to Vastu, how much good the north facing house will depends on the position of the main door of the house, the position of the other rooms, the position of the furniture, the colour etc. As a professional Vastu expert and civil engineer, I am explaining the Vastu rules of north-facing house in detail.


What is Meant By North facing House Vastu ?

Before discussing the above topics in detail, let us know what is meant by north facing house Vastu? Many people think that if there is a road to the north of the house or flat, then the property is considered to be a north facing vastu. But this concept is not correct, the direction of a house is determined by the position of the main door only. At the time of Entering any House or Flats, if the any person is facing towards south wall or if the main entrance of the house is located on the northern wall, then it should be considered as north facing house.

What is North facing House | Tips for North facing House Vastu

North facing House Vastu Really auspicious ?

Many Vastu experts think that a north facing house always give good result. Their logic is that since the north is the place of the god Kubera who dominates wealth, those who live in houses or flats facing north become wealthy. But this theory is completely wrong. you notice that not all people living in a north facing home are wealthy.

Regardless of the direction of the house, the position of the main door will give good results when it is located in an auspicious Pada. Not all sides bear fruit, for some the north may be bad and for some the west may be good. According to Vastu Shastra, the property is good or bad depends on the location of the entrance, the location of the rooms, the location of the furniture, the color, the person's astro chart and so many factors. Such factors should be kept in mind at the of at the time of constructing or buying any property.

For whom the north facing house is auspicious?

According to the Vastu Shastra, not every direction is good for everyone. For someone, the south-facing house become auspicious, while for others, the east-facing house become inauspicious. The auspiciousness of a house facing depends on the nature of the person (ap per Ayurveda), occupation (As per Varna) and the position of the planet according to astrological chart.

After a long practice as a professional Vastu consultant and civil engineer, I have come to realize that north-facing vastu is good for people in certain professions. After long practice as a professional Vastu consultant and civil engineer, I have realized that the north-facing wide is good for people of some professions. The north-facing property is best for those who are associated with financial institutions or sectors, such as traders, accountants or accountants (CAs), bankers, investors, stock market traders and brokers. apart from that those who involved in the sectors like health, travel and travel services, printers’ publishers, media etc. got good results.

People associated with all these professions can stay in the north facing home:

1. Bankers

2. Traders

3. Stock market traders.

4. Accountants 

5. Business Persons

6. Vastu & Astrology service provider.

7. Health care , tour & travel agency , hotel restaurant owner etc.


Not only profession but also people are judged by the constellation of stars, the following constellations are suitable for north facing house :

1.Meen Rashi or Pisces ( english )

2. Karka Rashi or Cancer ( English )

3. Vrishchik  Rashi or Scorpio ( English )


Position or Location of Main Entrance of a North facing Vastu

As per Vastu Shastra the Location of main entrance of your home is perhaps the most vital aspect to keep in mind. For your north facing home, the position main door is going to play a significant role. Let us explain it clearly, the main entrance is the only medium that brings the outside energies inside your property. Therefore, it is recommended to determine the location of the main door in a auspicious pada. In the case of a north facing property the northern part divided into eight equal angular parts. Each of the parts represents a specific energy fields ( Padas ).

North facing house Vastu | Main door for north facing Home

Each part is named after a mythical deity, these are the Roga, Naga, Mukhya, Bhallat, Soma, Bhujang, Aditi and Diti ( Counting from left to right ). To make it promising, you should place your main door in the 5th pada, Soma, the place of Lord Kuber , 4th pada Bhallat , 3rd Pada Mukhya place of lord Viswakarma .Determination of the main door must be done in the exact degree and polar geometric way ( Angular Division). In order to calculate the main door accurately, it is necessary to take the advice of a Vastu expert .

Vastu Tips for Staircase North facing House Vastu

The placement of the stairs requires you to follow a few points. However, please do note that the facts are applied for both the inside and outside staircases.Try not to place the staircase in the north direction, as it can cause interrupt financial elevation. You must not plan a staircase on the north-east side as it may invite neurological diseases to any of your family members. South-west, south-east, and north-west are some of the corners where you arrange your new staircase. For south or south-west, plan your staircase in the anti-clockwise direction and for other directions, place the stairs in clockwise order.

Puja Ghar location for North Facing Vastu

The location of the puja Ghar / room is essential as it houses the deities, the primary source of powerful energies. Inside your north face house Vastu, you can place your idol in the west so that the Gods can face in the east like most of the ancient Indian temples. However, if you maintain the opposite direction, idols in the east, facing west would be OK.

Kitchen Vastu For North facing House

Many consider the kitchen as the temple of the house, and from that concept, the kitchen placement is a vital aspect. As per popular belief, many locate their kitchen in the north-east direction of the house as it is the water element’s position. It is NOT the right direction for your kitchen as it can cause family disputes or other neurological diseases. When it is your kitchen, plan it in the south-east, south or north-west direction; This will store all the positives inside your house. 

The DO’S and DON’TS for north facing house Vastu DO’S

1.Make sure to place your entrance door in the 5th pada. Soma will bring enlightenment and the best benefits to your property. If the Soma pada is small, you can go for 3rd, 4rth or 8th padas.

2.Construct shoter wall North East segment of the plot.

3.Try to place your septic tank or toilet in the west, east or north-east direction.

4.Make sure to plant a money plant on the north side of your house; this will bring wealth.

5.While planning your master bedroom, make sure to have it in the east, west or south corner of your property.

6.YOu must add auspicious Vastu symbols such as swastika or Om within the house. You can consult our Vastu expert to know the right corner or wall food such symbols.

7.The placement of the electric circuit board is essential as it maintains energy distribution. Place the circuit board at the south-east side.

8.Make sure to place your puja room at the east, north-east or west corner of your house.

9.Have your living room in the north-east direction as per Vastu rules.

10.It would be great to pick a plot that slopes from the south direction to the north side.

Don’ts for North facing Homes 

1.Before investing in a north-facing house, make sure to check other factors as well. If the other factors don’t match, skip that property.

2.Do not have a bedroom or washroom in the north-east direction.

3.You must avoid the 6th para for the main door as it brings ill-health.

4.Do not place your kitchen in the northeast side of your house. Locate your kitchen in the north-west or south-east area of your property.

5.If you have a north-facing house, do not paint it with maroon, yellow or red colour.

6.Do not locate any garden or greenery in the north-west zone of your house.

7.Make sure to have no underground tank in the north-west zone.

8.Do not place any mirror at the south-east or south corner of the room.

9.Any kind of blocking in front of the main door such as trees, light posts etc. must be avoided.

10.There should be no tree on the north side of your house.

If you are planning for a north-facing plot Vastu, come to us. Our experienced Vastu consultant will arrange a master plan for your property. Keeping all these points in mind is challenging; hence hiring professionals will be a wise decision. If you give your word to us, we will visit your location to observe the area and have some valuable discussion. However, you, too, can visit our site that can be easily accessed. We are waiting for you.