Vastu for Flat is a high demanding query in Internet. People who are going to buy new flat or living in a flat have many questions on Apartment vastuMany people think that since the flat is far above the ground, the rules of Vastu Shastra do not apply to the flat or Apartment. This concept is absolutely wrong in case of Vastu For Flats. As a result of Vastu rules in a flat or apartment, similar to a structure located on the ground.This post will be very helpful for them . I will try to guide them step by step and try to clarify all the queries about Vastu of Flat. Let us first discuss on first query.


Vastu For Flats and Apartments | How to check Falt Vastu


Is Vastu applicable for Flats or Apartment ?

Many people have the question in mind that Is Vastu applicable for Flat ? Since Vastu Shastra is an ancient science and there is no mention of Flats or Apartments architecture, so how is today's Vastu practitioner applies Vastu principles for Flats or Apartments ? To get the answer to this question you must know the basic logic behind Plot Vastu. Just as a piece of land is treated as a separate Vastu , further division of a plots each segments considered as separate Vastu. Similarly, Each independent flat is considered as separate Vastu. Suppose a person has purchased a flat /apartment (1 BHK, 2BHK , 3BHK, 4BHK , DUPLEX etc. ) from the part of a Large Floor. Only Purchased Built-up area considered as separate Vastu for him. The same rules applies here just like when a magnet is broken, each piece turn into independent magnet .So We Can say that Vastu Shastra is applicable for Flats and Apartments. Hope that we have been resolve the doubts.

How To Check Vastu for Flat ?

Step by Step Guide

This is common query most of the people How to check vastu for Flat ? Vastu checking is really necessary before purchasing any Flat . As builders dont care about Vastu , their main aim to use each inches to increase Squre Feet Area. So vastu Checking is mandetory before purchase any floor.

We have prepared this article to give in-depth gude for all. At the time of selection any property , people being confused wheather is their flats vastu complaint or not and how to check their premises. Applied Vastu provide online Vastu Checking service , In this post we try to explain process of our Vaastu checking steps . read the complete topic , It may hlep you to select your property. Applied Vastu applies vastu priciples in logically with ancient wisdom. We can simply categorised in to Seven Steps Method of Vastu checking .Just go through the five steps and chek your property completly.

Vastu for Apartments | Flat Vastu | Vastu Tips for Flat

1. Checking of Flats Entrance. ( 32 Nos Pada in Paisach Bithi on Vastu Purusha Mandala )

2. Five Elements distribution on the Apartments Floor. ( Water , Air, Fire , Earth , Ether )

3. 16 Vastu Zones ( Derived from Viswakarma Prakash ) and Checking of Architectural Activity on 360 degrees.

4. Casting and Checking of Vastu Pusha Mandala ( 45 Energy Fields ).

5. Astrological Calculation for ocupants.

6. Checking Flat Number as per Numerology.

7. Effects of Objets , Interior , Colour , Etc Presence.

Scaled map and accurate geographical direction are the primary inputs for Checking of any Floor Plan . Applied Vastu simplified the inputs formats , we need your floor plan given by your developer and google drop points of the property to determine the accurate geograhical direction. Lets dicuss each steps one by one in detail. 


Main Entrance Vastu For Flats : Checking of Main Door

Main door vastu for a flat holds the highest weight according to many Vastu Specialist . Auspicious Main entrance  according to vastu Shastra can become highly beneficial for its occupants. We observed only few numbers of property having natural beneficial Main Door. It is really a difficult task to recognise such natural auspicious floor Plan. You must check all the available floor Plan before purchase.

Position of Main entrance of a flats should determine by Polar Method only ( Casting of Vastu Purusha mandala by angular divisions ) . In the given image we try to explain the auspicious location of Main door on a given Vastu Space. Among 32 Entrance ( Pada ) only 9 Entrances are considered as auspicious. For North Facing Flats 3 Nos ( Mukhya , Som , Bhallat ) , In case of South Facing Flat Vitatha , Grihakshat pada are auspicious. For East Facing Flat Jyant and Mahendra are auspicious and for West Facing Flat Sugreev and Pushadant. Most inauspicious entrance are Rog , Nag energy fiels for North Facing Floor , Parjyana and Akash for east facing property, Pitra , anil ,Bhringaraaj Pada for South Facing property and Paapyakma , Sosha , Asur , Duarik for west facing Propety .

Vastu For Flat Checking | Vastu Tips for Buying New Flats

For the above mentioned flat Position of Main Door fall on 2nd Pada from left side . The name of the pada Nag . As per various vastu shastra books ( Viswakarma Prakash , Maymat , Mansar , Samrangana Sutradhara ect ) Entrace from Naaga Pada is one among Worst .It is better to reject this property. If you have no option Correction required to reduce its bad effects. 

Five Elements distribution on the Floor. ( Water , Air, Fire , Earth , Ether ) & 16 zones of Vastu derived from Viswakarma Prakash.


Flat Vastu Tips | Vastu For Flat

Vastu Tips For Buying New Flat 

Vastu Shastra For Flats and Apartments

Vastu for Flat Number

Vastu calculator for flat


17 of Zones of Applied Vastu Ideal Architectural Activity Remarks by Applied Vastu


( Aditya )

  Drawing Room 

Bath room / Bed Room

Bedroom at East zone

best For politician

Administrative officers & Journalist

East of South East 

( Purba Agni )


Washing machine 

Never Place

Bed Here

South East 

( Agni )


Children room

Property having

Toilets in this location

need balance

South of South-East

( Dakhin Agni )



This zone is also

good for exercise.


( Yama )

Bed Room

Rest rrom

Zone of Relaxation

bedroom is auspicious

South of South West 

( Dakhin Nairuti )



Bath Rooms

Bedroom and Kitchen is

this zone should avoid

South West 

( Nairuti )


Master bed Room

This is ideal location

of Master bedroom

West of South West 

 ( Pashim Nairuti )

Study Room 


This zone is ideal

for study table


 ( Varun )

Children Room 


Dinning Room

Bed Room also

considered here good for 

Business professionals

West of North West

( Pashim Vayu )


Bath room

Store Rooms.

Sleeping in this zone

may cause of


North West 

( Vayu )


Bed room 

 Guest room

If toilets and bathrooms

inauspicious in this zone

North Of North West 

( Uttar Vayu )

Bedroom for

new married couple

This zone best for

Trantra Practitioner 


( Som )

Bedroom , Study Room

Business Professionals

This Zone is to important as

it is the zone of Carrier and

New Opportunity

North of North East 

( Uttar Ishaan )

Ideal Place for

keeping Medicine 

Placement of Toilets

and Kitchen may create

major Issue

North East

( Ishaan )

Puja Place 

Meditation room

Children Room

Never choose any property

Having Toilets , Kitchen

Cuts in This Place .

East Of North East

( Purba Ishaan )

Living Room

Drawing Room 

This Place is ideal for

Living or Drawing area




Puja Place

Never built staircase ,column 

pillar ,Wall , Undulation

at Bhramh Navi

Vastu Tips for Buying New Flat Or Apartment ?

Tips for Puja Room PLACEMENT : Puja Room auspicious at North East direction.

Tips for Kitchen : Position Of kitchen at South-East , South , North-West , west cosidered Good as per Vastu Shastra.

Bed Room Tips : Position Of bed room Considered in South West , East , South , North , North West and West are good as per Vastu Shastra.

Tips for Toilets : Location of Toilets should be South of South West , Or West Of North West is Best as per Vastu Shastra.

Tips for Stair Case : For Duplex apartment placement of stair is very important , always avoid Apartment if position of stair located at center of the built up area.




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