Perfect Vastu Tips For Home : Improve Your House Vastu 

In this article, I am going to discuss on perfect Vastu for home in detail. This article is very useful for those who are going to construct a new house or buy a house or improve the vastu of their home.The Vastu principles given in the ancient vastu texts that need to be learned to build a Vastu friendly house or to decorate the house according the Vastu shastra. A home will be considered as Vastu Perfect when the Main door of the house, the location of different rooms such as bedroom, kitchen, toilet, staircase, living room, living room,drawing room,  balcony and even the length-width ratio and height of the room, colour etc. should be as per the rules of Vastu Shastra .Let us know the details about the principles of Vastu Shastra for Home.

Vastu Analysis Method / Vastu Checking for Home

Let's find out, How do you check your house Vastu or how does Applied Vastu Consultancy check Housing vastu?

We need two information correctly before checking any building Vastu. One is the scaled floor plan of the building and the other is the right direction. If you look at the picture below, you will find that a vastu Chakra has been drawn on the scaled house map. The direction is tilted 14 degree towards east ( 90 - 76 = 14 degree ). Now16 Vastu zones and 32 entrances are clearly understood. The location of the main door of the house which was taken here as a sample is fall on S1 (Anil pada). The location of the kitchen is in the east of the south-east. Kitchen location is inauspicious as per Vastu principles for Home. Stair case at north of north-west anticlockwise rotation. Bath room portion fall on east of north-east. Toilet seat located at east zone.

Vastu for home- vastu for house - perfect vastu for House -Vastu checking for House - applied vastu

There are a total of three bedrooms, one in the north-east and north of north-east, one in the west-north-west and west-north-west, another in the south-west and south-south-west. Drawing room / dining room and living room located centrally of that built-up. The location of the main door, stairs and various rooms that have been analysed here refers to 85 percent Vastu of the entire home. The remaining 25% of the Vastu depends on the location of the home furniture, the colour of the walls, the height of the building, the slope of the land, position of the water tank, septic tank, etc.

Residential Vastu is to be judged by considering all the above-mentioned factors with individuals Astrological – Numerological calculations. If any individuals want check their Home vastu then have to be learn following vastu principles.

• Main Door Vastu

• Bedroom Vastu

• Poojaroom Vastu

• Stair Case Vastu

• Kitchen Vastu

• Drawing room Vastu

• Vastu for Living room

• Vastu for Toilet

• Study room Vastu

• Wall colour

• Interior layout

• Store Room Vastu

• Dinning room Vastu


Vastu for Home : Location of Main Door / Main Entrace / Main Gate

The main gate/entrance of a house is not only for security or beauty, the location of the main door is very important according to the Vastu Shastra. As per Vastu Shastra, if there is a Vastu defect in the location of the main gate of the house , the occupants of that house may face difficulties due to physical, mental, and financial reasons. If you choose house with inauspicious main door that may also be responsible for the illness of the family. The location of the main door should be carefully judged before building or buying a new home.

Vastu for home- vastu for house - Main Entrance Vastu tips - 32 Divisions -32 Vastu entrance  applied vastu

There are 45 energy fields ( Devta ) on the Vastu purusha mandala . Brahma sitting in the middle, it is called brahma vithi. The brahma vithi surrounded by deva vithi . Deva vithi surrounded by manushya vithi . Manushya vithi surrounded by paishacha vithi. The outer most periphery is paishacha vithi having 32 padas. 32 deities sitting on the each pada. Main door constructed in outer periphery of built-up. Main gate located at any minimum one pada among 32 divisions. Among 32 padas 10 padas are auspicious. For north facing house Mukhya , Bhallat , Soma / Som are auspicious. In case of South facing Home Vitatha, Gruhakshat are auspicious. Jayant and Mahendra pada are auspicious for East facing House whereas Sugreev , Pushpadant , Varun are good for West facing Home.

In the above picture, auspicious door locations are marked with the right sign, and the inauspicious main door position marked by cross sign.

Vastu Tips for home kitchen 

The kitchen is a very important part of the home vastu. This is the place where food is cooked by lighting fires. According to Indian Vastu Shastra, fire is one of the five elements and kitchen is the part of fire element. Fire elements represents financial prosperity and security. So the location and decoration of the kitchen must be as per Vastu shastra.


• Position of Kitchen : According to the rules of Vastu shastra, the location of the kitchen is considered to be the most auspicious in the South-East (Agni )and South of South-East. Apart from this, north-west corner and west-facing kitchen can be constructed.


• Placement of gas oven & facing of cooking : The kitchen means there must be a cooking stove. Now the question is about the position and direction of the gas oven or stove. As per Vastu rules for Home, the east facing gas stove is considered the best. on the other hand, north facing cooking stoves is considered the worst.


• Color of kitchen : According to our observation, the color of the kitchen depends on its location or position. Color selection is done to balance the five elements of Vastu Shastra and according to the bar chart of 16 zones. The color of the kitchen should be chosen so that it looks fresh, spacious and clean. In the case of kitchens warm colors are usually preferred. Red , Green , Yellow are the most preferred by house owner.

Vastu for home : Tips for Bedroom

The bedroom is a place in your home where one third of the day is spent for rest, relaxation and rejuvenation. In Maymatam bed is considered as independent Vastu. In other words bedroom has been given much more importance in Vastu Shastra. So, bedroom should be located and designed as per Vastu shastra.The following Vastu Tips for bedroom definitely important.

• Tips for Bedroom Position : There are special rules when determining the location of the bed room of any home. Many people think that the South-West bedroom is the most fruitful. But according to the experience of Applied Vastu, the South-West bedroom is not good for everyone. The South-West bedroom is not good for people with heart disease. The location of one's bedroom depends on its Prakiti ( Vata , Pitta , Kapha ) and profession. For example, a bedroom on the east side is good for a politician, and a bedroom on the south of south-west is good for singers and celebrities.

According to the rules of Vastu shastra for home, Kids Room at North East is the best .

• Tips for Bed Position :The position of a bed should not be in front of any bedroom door. It is better to have the head of the bed close to the wall. The windows at the head of the bed are auspicious. In the case of Northern Hemisphere homes, the head of the bed should never face north. And in the case of Southern Hemisphere homes, the head of the bed should never face south.

• Mirror position in bedroom : According to Vastu shastra, it is better to avoid the mirror in the bed room as much as possible. If this is not possible, a mirror can be placed on the north or east wall of the bed room. Place the mirror in such a way that the bed is not directly reflected in the mirror.

• Sleeping Direction : As per Vastu rules, the head should never lie on the north side in the northern hemisphere at time of sleeping. In the case of the Southern Hemisphere, lying with the head facing south is not recommended. East and west direction are most preferable for sleeping orientation.

• Bedroom Colour : The color of the bedroom will depend on the zonal location of the bedroom. The color of the bedroom should be decided according to the bar chart of 16 Zonal strength for all the houses. According to color psychology, cool colors are recommended for bedroom. Blues, greens and lavender are the colors recommended for the bedroom.


Pooja Room Vastu / Puja room Vastu Tips for Home

Where is the best position of Pooja room at your home? According to Vaastu , where should the mandir be in the house? Which side should the idol face? Let us know some important vastu tips about the pooja room of a house.


• Position of Puja room : If the Pooja room is located on the north-east side of your house, it is considered as very auspicious. If there is not enough space on the north-east direction of your home, a puja room can be built on the west direction or in the middle of the house.


• Facing of idol : As per Indian Vastu Shastra , it is recommended to place statues and images of gods and goddesses on the wall on the north or east side of the puja room or mandir . Never face the idol / murti or image of god towards the north or south.


• Puja room Colour : If the Pooja room is located on the north east side of a home, light lemon or cream color can be used. The color of the pooja place in the middle of the house should always be white or light yellow.

Vastu For Home - Vastu Tips for House - Vastu Shastra for House- 16 Zones of Vastu Shstra

Vastu for House : Tips for Living room

In Western architecture the living room or seating room is a place that welcomes new guests. In the living room of a house, family members use it to watch TV, gossip, reading books or newspaper and spend their leisure time etc. The first room to enter through the main door of any house is the living room. So a living room should be built according to Vastu rules. Here are some valuable vastu tips for living room.


• Position of Living room: Since the living room is adjacent to the main door, the location of the living room is not fixed for all home. In case of an east-facing house vastu, the living room may be at east or northeast. The living room for a north facing house Vastu can be in the north, northeast or northwest direction. If the house vastu is facing south, then its living room should be south-east or south zone. Similarly, in case of west facing house Vastu the living room should be in west or north-west. Living rooms should never be built in the Southwest.


• Placement of Interior in living room:


• Wall Paint for Living room:


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