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If this article catches your attention, that means either you may plan to buy an east facing house vastu or want to renovate the entire interior settings of your east-facing home according to the vastu guidelines of the east-facing house. It is commonly believed that all east facing house vastu is auspicious as per ‘Vastu Shastra.’But is it real or just a myth? For example, just a few days ago you have bought a beautiful east-facing vastu. But are you pretty sure about the fact that the house is precisely east-facing? Or follows all the rules of ‘Vastu Shastra? As many people believe, if their house faces the rising sun every morning, it is simply an east-facing house. Similarly, some people are 100% sure that they win a lottery by buying a so-called east-facing home vastu. But both these conceptions are wrong. First, facing the rising sun every day does not prove it is east facing. You should know that because of the earth’s tilting position of a 23.5-degree axis, the sun rarely rises in the exact east every day (except the equinox days March 20-21 and September 22-23). Second, ok! If we agree with your argument that you have bought an east-facing vastu, it does not prove that it is made with general vastu rules as per the east facing home vastu. It depends on many important vastu facts. Here in this article, we'll provide you with an in-depth understanding of east facing property, and we'll share the most valuable tips for east-facing vastu.

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This article not only gives you an overall conception about what is east facing home vastu? It also covers everything you need to design your house as per vastu with the proper position of the main door, bedroom, kitchen and puja room, toilet, etc. Let’s have a look:


  • What is a vastu for east-facing house meaning?

  • Is east facing vastu auspicious?

  • Main entrance vastu for east faced house.

  • Who can stay in the east-facing home?

  • Bedroom for vastu facing east.

  • Kitchen vastu for east facing home.

  • Puja room vastu for east-faced home.

  • Toilet vastu for east facing property

  • Staircase vastu for east facing vastu.

  • Slope vastu for east facing house.

  • Vastu color for east facing home.

  • Benefits of east facing property.

  • General vastu tips for east facing house.

  • FAQ

  • Conclusion.

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What is an east facing house vastu meaning?

As previously said, there are lots of misconceptions about the vastu for east-facing house. For example, most people think if there is a road to the east of the house, the house is simply east facing. Wrong! The position of your main entrance determines the facing of your home! Not your fault. Most of the people are! However, the calculation about whether your house is east-facing is not rocket science. Simple logic. If you face towards the west wall when entering and your main door is on the eastern border. Then don’t worry. Congratulations! You live in an exactly east-facing home vastu.

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Is east facing vastu auspicious for all?

It is often believed that as the Sun is the principal source of positive energies, the east facing vastu must be auspicious. It brings luck and prosperity to us. But wait! As previously said, not that easy. The position of 32 main door locations in the Vastu Purusha Mandala determines everything, whether it is auspicious. It also depends on the profession of one’s and the astrology chart of the residents. So, let’s have an in-depth look:


Who can stay in the east facing home vastu?

As per vastu consultants, every house is unique with its unique individual. But it is a commonly asked question that is an individual suitable for a particular property? As previously said, it is based on 2 of the most important factors: the profession and astrology of the individual.


Profession Wise

Let's first discuss which job role or professions the vastu for east-facing house is ideal for. The Sun is the governor of the east direction. It associates with authority, power, and elegance. So, the east-facing vastu house is ideal for:


  • Government officers

  • Ministers and politicians

  • Esteemed business owners

  • Production manager or manufacturer

  • Entrepreneur.

The east direction refers to the air element. It represents a new beginning, creativity, agility, and focus. In a nutshell, for persons belonging to the following professions mentioned below, the east-facing house vastu is also a perfect choice:


  • Jewelry makers or designers

  • Artist,

  • musicians, or dancers

  • Traveling Event management sector

  • Photography and creative writing.


Astrology Wise:

Apart from your job, the astrological chart also plays a major role in determining who can stay in the east-facing vastu? We have found the following astrological signs or Rashi mentioned below suitable for residing in an east facing house:

  • Mesha

  • Simha

  • Dhanus

It is also advised in vastu shastra that if the position of the Sun according to your ascendant is Maraka (i.e.the, Sun's position is in the 8th,6th, and 12th house regarding your ascendant) in your astrological chart, you cannot live in an east-facing home as it may be harmful to you. Now there is also a common question among people after reading it that each individual of the family has an individual astrological chart.

What should they live then? Or should they immediately leave their east-facing home? Definitely not! The vastu experts only consider the head or the owner of the property's astrological chart. However, better consult a vastu consultant who can guide you more accurately. Sometimes, situations may be quite tricky for us, and in that case, only an experienced vastu specialist can provide you accurate information or offer you quick vastu remedies for an east-facing house.


Main entrance vastu for east faced house

The main entrance or the house's main door is the channel between the indoor and outdoor energies. For this reason, the vastu specialists pay special attention to the position of 32 main door locations. Among 32 Padas in Vastu Purusha Mandala, only 8 Padas are in charge of the east side. They are: Shikhi, Parjanya, Jayanta, Indra, Surya, Satya, Bhrisha, Antariksha or Akash (From top to bottom-E1 to E8, see the diagram below).But among 8 Padas, only 2 Padas: Jayanta and Mahendra or Indra, are auspicious for the main entrance of your east-facing home vastu. They are believed to bring positivity, happiness, and prosperity into your life. However, the rest of the others are inauspicious as per vastu rules for the east-facing home as they cause lots of physical and mental problems in life. If you want a more accurate calculation of the main entrance, our vastu experts in Applied Vastu offer their help to regard this matter.

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Bedroom vastu for east facing house

When the vastu experts advise about the bedroom vastu for the east-faced house, their primary concern is the vastu for the master bedroom. According to them, plan the master bedroom of your home in the southwest direction, and the south or west wall of the room is the ideal place to keep the bed in your master bedroom so that the head faces in the south or west direction and the legs point towards the north or east direction. Avoid the east or northeast direction of the east entrance house for positioning any bedroom. Apart from these facts, the other general vastu rules for any bedroom vastu should apply to the bedrooms of east facing house vastu .


Kitchen vastu for East facing home

The kitchen refers to the fire element or Agni. Agni Tattva represents strength and cash flow. In many houses, the kitchen is considered a holy place or the temple of the house. So, placement of the kitchen in the right place in an east-faced house is a vital aspect. According to the kitchen vastu of East facing house, the southeast position is one of the best positions for the kitchen. The kitchen symbolizes nutrition and nourishment. So, this ideal position of the kitchen offers the residents excellent physical and mental health as per kitchen vastu. The northwest corner is considered as the second-best option for positioning the kitchen in the east-faced home vastu. But better to avoid the East or north, or southwest corner of the house for the kitchen. It hampers your career and business. We often get confused when we have to choose the suitable colors of the tiles for our kitchen. We pay more attention to match the color of the tiles with the colors of the kitchen wall. But 'Vastu Shastra' sees everything from a different perspective than us. As per east-faced home kitchen vastu, you should choose shades of brown, pink, red, orange, and light green for kitchen tiles.


Puja room vastu for east facing home

Puja room plays a significant role in home vastu, as it is the home of deities, the powerful energy centers. In the east-facing house, the puja room should be in the northeast or the east of the house as per puja room vastu of east facing home. But in some east-facing houses, the location of the bedroom or living room creates a blockage in making a puja room here. Then what solves this problem? Is another option available? Definitely Yes! You can use the west corner of the house for a puja room in that case. A puja room in the west blesses the residents with immense wealth and prosperity. Apart from these facts, we can also see a common mistake among many people. Too much of everything is not good. They usually use a lot of yellow and red colors in the puja room. As per the puja room vastu, use a little bit of these colors. Many yellow and red colors in the puja room may cause mental blockages in the residents and affect their thinking abilities.


Toilet vastu for east facing home

To make your east-facing Home an overall vastu Compliant Home, you should not forget the toilet vastu. The east of the southwest (ESE), the south of the southwest(SSW), or the west of the northwest(WNW) corner of your east-facing home is ideal for toilet position. But as per toilet vastu of east facing home, you must avoid the southeast and northeast corner as it affects your life with sudden financial losses and court cases. So, better consult a vastu consultant before designing the toilet of your home.


Staircase vastu for east facing house

Suppose the front part of your east-facing house falls in the northeast zone instead of the exact east. Then the vastu specialists prohibit making a staircase there as it is a common mistake among people. But if the front part of your east-facing house vastu falls towards the southeast, then nothing to worry about! You can build your staircase there. The south, southwest, or west part of the house are other good options for making a staircase for east facing homes. The same should apply to the internal staircase vastu. However, there is confusion regarding the staircase steps and the choice of the clockwise and anticlockwise staircase. For detailed understanding or better knowledge of staircase vastu, feel free to consult the vastu consultants.


Slope vastu for east facing house

Many ignore the slope vastu as a trivial fact. But according to the vastu experts of east-facing property, never make this mistake. Everything is essential to make your home a vastu perfect house. The vastu experts determine the east, northeast, and north direction as auspicious and show the south direction as inauspicious as per slope vastu.


Vastu colors for east facing house

Most of the rooms in an east-facing house vastu get enough sunlight during the entire day, which makes the rooms warm, so, while decorating any room in the east-facing house, keep in mind the room's ambiance should look fresh. Blue and light green or light grey tint, aqua shades are popular among the vastu experts for painting walls as per the color vastu of east facing house. These shades can imbibe freshness in the atmosphere. White and light pink are the other best options as per color vastu.

East Facing House Vastu- Vastu for East Facing House


Benefits of east facing home

If you have already gone through the above discussion, you can see living in an east-facing home is highly beneficial. There are lots of advantages or positive effects of an east-facing house. Let's see:

The sun is the storehouse of positive energies. Sunray re-energizes your entire day with positivity. It is also believed that you have an open area in the east direction of your east-facing house.

Your house is blessed with progeny and wealth. The residents in the east-facing house will become excellent orators and best speakers.

The water tank in the eastern direction in an east-facing house promotes good health and brings happiness in life as per the east-facing home vastu.

So, do not miss any opportunity to become the owner of an east-facing house.


Important vastu tips for East facing home

Being an owner of a house or living in an east facing property, you should know the do and don't vastu tips for an east faced home:



A magnetic compass can more accurately determine the actual east direction. So, to calculate whether you live in the exact East, use a magnetic compass. As per the east-facing home vastu, the north and East sidewalls should be slightly shorter and thinner than the south and west.

You should face East (in SE kitchen) and west (in NW kitchen) while cooking. Is your plot sloped? Then, as per vastu, it should be declined from south to north.

The living room should be positioned in the northeast corner in an east-facing house.

Better keep some space free on the east side of your hour house. If you have little space, spare some space for a small balcony on the east side.



There should not be any object (such as an electric pole, tree) blocking the main entrance. It also blocks the positive energies coming in.

You should not place the bathroom or septic tank in the northeast corner. It spread negative energies around as per vastu. Is the plot you plan to buy sloped from north to south? Then you should leave the plan of buying such property as per 'Vastu Shastra.' You should not plant any gigantic trees on the north or east side of a house—no need to cut it down.

But if you have planted it already without knowing the vastu rules.

Better consult a vastu expert for remedies.

You should not buy an east-facing house with a dustbin or garbage outside the main entrance or on the northside, particularly in the northeast corner, if it is inevitable.




Q 1. Why should the front door face east?

Answer: The East is the place of Surya or the rising sun, and Lord Indra himself rules this direction. So, the front door or the main entrance facing east represents power. East facing front door provides power to its residents if they correctly place it.


Q 2. Which side-facing house is bad?

Answer: We cannot say any facing as good or evil side facing as per vastu guidelines. It all depends on the rules of 'Vastu Shastra.' If the five elements of nature (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Space) are balanced in your property, and the vastu suits the owner's astrological chart, you may not face any problems living there.


Q 3. What is the best house-facing direction?

Answer: All directions are the best house-facing direction. But the vastu of the home always should be suitable for its occupants.


Q 4. What are the disadvantages of east facing house?

Answer: Again, there are no actual disadvantages of not only east-facing but any facing property. What you feel is the common vastu defects in the property. For these vastu defects, negative energies take advantage of entering your house and create problems. Better consult vastu experts who help you overcome your vastu problems with guidance or remedies if needed.



If the five elements of nature (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Space) are balanced, and all can be vastu rules can be followed carefully, an east-faced house can be auspicious for you. But you have to stick to the rules to make it happen. Now, have you ever thought of hiring a vastu expert to fix the harmony inside your property? If not, no need to worry. The experienced vastu experts in Applied Vastu help you secure your house with positive vibes. Go ahead!